Ridiculous Reddit Down Voting!

I think Bitwarden needs to actively promote this community on reddit so people know it exists as down voting people asking for help (so it runs the risk of getting hidden) is pretty dumb.

Tag: @dh024

Hey there! We provide multiple channels for the community so that users can interact where they feel most comfortable.

After reviewing the issue, there does not appear to be any kind of automated activity, and up/downvoting is a built in feature in Reddit that anyone can use.

Both the Community Forums and Reddit are displayed on our website and during public demos, but I can add a link to the forums in the sidebar widget :+1:t2:

That would be a good idea as i didn’t realize this forum existed until a few days ago.

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The Bitwarden subreddit now has a sidebar widget that shows other Bitwarden communities :+1:


That was quick. :slight_smile:

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