Revert Bitwarden Chrome extension icon to have red dot/lock when locked

This is a minor UI request.

FEATURE NAME: Revert Chrome extension icon status indicator to red

BENEFIT: Red dot or lock is easier to identify the state of Bitwarden compared to new black lock against blue side of icon.

REQUEST: Change vault status indicator on Chrome icon to red when locked.

This just changed with one of the recent updates. The icon used to have a red dot or lock on it. Very easy to see that the vault is locked.

New icon is a black lock with white outline and it’s harder to quickly see the state.

I’m not sure if this affects other browsers.

I seriously thought the new lock indicator was a bug (the extension failed to load the orange lock icon or something.) My eyes are not what they used to be. I could definitely see myself confusing the new icon with the site count indicator as they are less contrasting now.