Reversing file from Organizations

If one of your members has placed a file in organizations, is there a way of releasing it back (reversing) to them, or do I have to delete and they would have to recreate to keep in their list?

Clone can be used to create a copy of the item :+1: then delete the original.

Unfortunately, once in organizations, I don’t see a way of cloning the file.

The method was provided in the link @dwbit shared above:

I understand, but that can only be done before you put it in organizations. My problem is that my wife has put some in organizations that should not have gone there and she wants them back on her account and there is no way of cloning (that I see) once in organizations. Before I delete and have her recreate them, I wanted to see if there was another way

Hi Jack - if your wife moved an item to an organization, she should be able to clone it back to her personal vault. Assuming she has manager rights to the organization, she should be able to delete the original as well.

If you are not seeing this behaviour, please explain the exact steps you have tried, and perhaps someone here can help troubleshoot.

Which client are you using? In the web vault and the desktop client there is the ability to clone an organization item, whereas I don’t think there is the same option in the browser extension

Yes, you can do it from the browser extension, too. See the link posted above.

I think I’m missing something. This is an item of my personal vault (and I have the clone option):

This is an item of the organization:

I can’t see the clone option

In the link previously

The help article explains

To clone an item owned by an organization, you need to clone it from the organization vault view.

As mentioned as well for an item that has been moved to an Organization, as long as that person has the Manager permission or above they should have access to the Organization Vault view in the Bitwarden web-vault.

To copy an item owned by an Org, currently it can only be done in the web-vault which is the intended behavior as confirmed by an internal employee in a GitHub issue.
Sorry if that wasn’t clear, once the item is cloned from the Org web-vault to the personal vault, it can be deleted from the Organization.

I stand corrected, @vidario. Thanks for clarifying, Kent.

Kent posted the solution above: