Returning staff cannot use company email address

We have a returning staff member. When I send them an invite to BitWarden, it says that an account already exists for them. But this account was removed at the time the staff left the company a long time ago.
Now that they have retured and are using the same company format email address, BitWarden thinks they already have a BitWarden account. They do not.
Can anyone suggest how to give them access without using a different email address?

I am not an expert on this, but I’m fairly sure that when you remove an organization member, you are just revoking their membership in the organization, and their Bitwarden account reverts to an Individual account, containing only their Individual vault. So it would be true that a Bitwarden account already exists.

There are instructions here for how to restore access for a revoked member. To gain access to the organization’s collections, the user would need to still have access to their Individual account (i.e., know their master password and be able to provide 2FA, if enabled).

If the user doesn’t remember their old master password, then they can use the form at to delete their Bitwarden account, and then start over with a new account. If you have an Enterprise plan, you could alternatively use the account recovery work flow.

@grb You may not consider yourself an expert, but you were spot on with your response.

Thank you!

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