Restricting Auto-Fill to Specific Pages On Certain Sites

Hey all. I’m hoping someone can assist with this as I feel this is a relatively simple fix that I just can’t figure out.

I work in managed IT and two of the tools I use daily are SolarWinds N-central and IT Glue. I have my credentials to login to both of these saved in BitWarden. The problem is, it’s filling in those credentials in other fields past the login. For example, with N-central, it will autofill my password in a secondary page that comes up after login prompting for a 2FA code (and the password gets pasted unmasked.) In IT Glue, any time I’m trying to add information to a client that mentions a username or password, it autofills my IT Glue saved credentials. Worse yet, it will do this even if it overrides existing entries, making doing edits difficult.

I’ve tried to rectify this by specifying the URL of the login page in the BitWarden entry for these sites with “Exact” matching. However, this causes it to refuse to autofill at all. For N-central, I tried adding in the URL of the second page that prompts for a 2FA code with “Never” as the matching credential but it still autofills regardless.

I’m convinced I’m just doing something wrong here but looking through documentation, it appears this is what I’m supposed to be doing to overcome this issue but not with the expected results. I was wondering if someone could help me determine what I’m missing?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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