Require weak/exposed passwords to be changed?

So after a bit of searching on the forum, I’ve found a few threads discussing the need/desire/undesirability of a feature that sets a password expiry date. One with commentary going back several years! Interesting that the feature seems to still be in discussion.

On a somewhat related but different topic, I need to ask the following.

It is great to have the ability to run reports and identify weak or exposed passwords. However, how does the administrator that runs the report indicate to users of the vault that certain passwords need to be changed?

Is there really no way to have a user who is about to use a password receive a notification that the password has been identified as weak or exposed and should be changed?

Without such a feature, the reports that identify such are much less useful. Particularly in an organization where the administrator that runs the report is different than the user that uses and changes the password. Same thing if we can identify passwords that are out of policy and should be changed.