Require u2f for password access/fill

Wondering if it would be possible to have Bitwarden app and browser plugin add a feature where access to the ‘eyeball’ to see a password, or to fill a password (presumes auto fill is off), or to see a totp code AND key, requires a U2F token touch or NFC scan? I never use the TOTP feature because I don’t want the risk of having an unlocked bitwarden revealing both pass and code. If the codes were protected by a hardware touch / NFC scan, that would make me much more comfortable. However, given how easy it is to simply touch a hardware key that’s already inserted, I’d prefer to have to do that on every single access. Now that iOS 13.3 has added u2f/fido2 via lightning/usb-c/NFC, if I were to restrict my account in such a way, I’d still have the same easy access across all platforms.