Requester to Save Website Login Details when NOT signed in to Bitwarden is silly

When visiting some website you’ve been to before AND which you have asked your browser to remember your login for… you can log into that website without using Bitwarden. But Bitwarden then asks you if you want to save these details for login. You say YES… and have to sign in to Bitwarden to be able to save the details… but then once you sign in, you see that you have already, in the distant past, saved the login details for this exact same site, and realise you’ve just wasted 45 seconds being asked a silly question.

I understand that for security Bitwarden cannot be logged in all the time (though, why not, it’s my pc at home?) BUT I do think that there should be some security risk-free way to at least allow Bitwarden to “see” that you have a login to this site already and should not be asked to save login details in this case. I do recall that when I used to be a LastPass user, it would not ask me to save details for a site, unless the password had changed.

That seems ideal to me and would be a great feature addition, not wasting time.


Only if you made the “mistake” to let the browser save your password (see: *1) or you probably use a simple or - even worse - use the same password in several places (see: *2).

(*1) Disable a Browser's Built-in Password Manager | Bitwarden Help & Support
(*2) Five Best Practices for Password Management | Bitwarden Blog

Hi Peter, sorry, you misunderstand me.

The browser (Vivaldi) had it’s own form/login facility, same as Chrome etc… most of them do… I like this for sites I don’t care about security-wise… like most sites I visit, I don’t care about. My feature request is about the fact that Bitwarden offers to save the site when Bitwarden is not logged on, and when I do log in to Bitwarden, I find there is already a saved login for that site… so it is a waste of time. Ideally BW should be able to see if I already have a login for the site even when I am not logged on to BW.

I am not sure if I am making myself clear?

Bitwarden can stay logged in indefinitely, I probably need to enter my credentials once a year or so when Chrome seems to purge the login altogether.


I understand your issue but how do you propose BW should implement that without unlocking your vault ?
Isn’t our data including urls in encrypted state when locked ?
So technically i don’t think its possible. Also i have seen other password managers give the same pop-up as they don’t know whats already stored in encrypted state.

But i think you can disable the prompt for asking to save password for all sites if its annoying to you. Or you could chose to keep vault open as long as your browser is open.

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Yes, I would prefer to keep it open when I am using my computer, I mean, is it susceptible to being accessed by any means over the internet if it is not locked? If it is purely to secure my computer in case some house guest or burglar gets on my computer physically, then I am not at all concerned about that, but I would be a bit concerned if there was an actual risk of Bitwarden being accessed by a hacker because I’m logged in.

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Sophia, I don’t see the setting to stay logged in indefinitely… I searched in settings for lock, open, unlock, security, but I don’t see how to choose to have Bitwarden unlocked when I am using my computer… Is there some setting I can’t find?

Ensure that you don’t use easy password for logging into your device as well and try to use updated version of OS and antivirus from preventing your device being backdoored.
Otherwise you don’t have to worry of outside threats

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As it is, once you log in, it stays logged in, and my computer is on 16hs a day, sometimes with me there, sometimes not…

I can’t find a setting to control if and when it is locked or unlocked… any idea where that is?

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Vault timeout option should be there

hmm, neither the word vault or timeout or time or log or login result in anything related…
I’ve tried a bunch of words, and it’s not there it seems…

@Mark_Palmos - here you go:

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OMG, sorry, I have been looking for this in my Vivaldi browser settings!!! Sheesh!!! Too much other stuff on my brain!



Glad you found it :smiley: Since we use the desktop only in house too, it’s sure nice to just stay logged in without having to enter the master password every 5 minutes :slight_smile:

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