Request barcode and QR code for loyalty cards

I’m hoping to combine my loyalty cards into bitwarden. Though I can enter the card name and card number, I’m hoping it can generate a barcode and QR code for I can scan my phone.

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Why not use Google/Apple/Samsung Pay?


That is not a loyalty card. that is to pay. What I’m looking for is features like so I can show my phone, have it scanned as the loyalty card be it at a supermarket like safeway or hotel like mariott. They all have a bunch of loyalty card that they scan a barcode or qr code. This is not to pay which i already use services like you mention.

You can do loyalty cards in Google/Apple/Samsung Pay.


Thanks. It was painful to enter all the cards but the deed is done. I would still like the qr code or bar code because I have numbers in identification area

One issue I have with Google pay is that you have to choose from the preset names for the loyalty card. So you can’t just add any loyalty card to it and knowing what it is from the name.

For example, I have library cards from different libraries and they all appear as “Library” in google pay.

Not really advocating this feature in bitwarden, but there’s gotta be a better app for this.

It’s wonderful if an alternative solution exists for a subset of users but iOS doesn’t store all card types without usage of extra third party software. In any of these solutions, users must give trust to one or multiple external sources to store/secure/maintain their card information. Bitwarden, as a fully featured open source solution, should already have much of what would be needed to really have open source self hosted software that could securely store our card collection. It could even store generic barcodes to display later. If this is a possibility, why not add it in? I, for one, would love to see this added.

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I fully agree, especially since we’re almost there. Only thing missing in bitwarden is the possibility to generate the barcodes and a field to add a picture for the card so you can easily take the correct one when you are at the checkout of a store.
I don’t want to use GAFA payment frameworks as my bank offers this also.


I’m surprised this isn’t more voted for. Barcode generation is simple, so all it would require is the app to allow you to scan the barcode, read it and replicate (be it traditional barcode or 2FA).

Would be a great feature, probably ties in with this about more pre-built templates: Add more pre-defined item types

The usefulness if this feature goes beyond loyalty cards.

My use case is that I have barcodes on government-issued documents (such as ID Card or National Health Service card) and I would like to store them securely in Bitwarden for the whole family as part of Identity entries. Currently that can only be done by attaching a cropped photo file which is cumbersome.

(NB: personally I wouldn’t put loyalty cards in Bitwarden because I don’t feel the need to secure them behind a password and there are better apps for the use case, such as Stocard).


+1 for Stocard!

I’ve tried Google Pay and Stocard is a much better system.

The advantage of having the loyalty cards in BitWarden is simply because to have everything in one place.

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I would love this!!
Show me a barcode/QR-code and the card number.

This is the exact reason. I am storing all the passwords for these loyalty accountants anyways, so the card would be very handy and a welcome addition.
Furthermore, an app like Google Wallet does not let you filter or add custom (not pre-defined) card brand.

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