Repeated PIN prompt in FireFox Add-On

I’m surprised to see no one else reporting this, but it’s quite maddening to me. I’m running the current version of Firefox on Mac, and I am also running the current version of the Add-On.

I get prompted multiple times per day in the browser to “Please enter the master password for the My Computer (PIN Required).” This is despite the fact that I have set the Add-On at this point to “Vault Timeout: Never” and have not configured (or even toggled the checkbox for) a PIN. I am not restarting the browser or my system. Even if I provide either a PIN or master password, I will get prompted multiple times in a row, which makes the browser unusable until the prompt-flood subsides.

Oh, and I should say that even though I’m prompted, even if “Cancel” every prompt, at the end of it, I can still see in the Add-On that I still have access to all my BW passwords.

I have tried removing and re-adding the Add-On again, but I still have the same behavior. What setting am I missing?

At the moment, I’m mostly just trying to use BitWarden to make a consistent password DB store available across multiple devices, and I’m less concerned about locking or logging-out of BitWarden.

Thanks for any clues…

I’m using Firefox for Mac 79.0 and Bitwarden extension 1.45.0 without issues.

My vault is locked after 4 hours.

Just to be sure. After reinstalling the plugin you had to completely set it up? There were no traces left of the previous install?


Hello @king_rhoton,
I got the same behavior on Firefox and Chrome on iOS13.6. I use FaceID with it therefore, in my case it’s ok.

The Firefox extension timeout on Linux works as expected.

If I remember correctly, there was a thread here in the community that said that the “NEVER” option does not work in browsers. You have to use a time option. But I don’t remember exactly where it was written… :confused:

@MetBril Yes, I had to change all the settings back from default (including e-mail and master password).