repeated password request

hello, why does bitwarden ask to re-enter the password if I just unlocked it?

You enabled master password re-prompt for an item in your vault. You can disable this by disabling master password re-prompt in the edit page of the item.

For more info, please read this page Vault Items | Bitwarden Help & Support

I turned it on to provide additional protection for financial accounts when bitwarden is open, but if he sees that I just opened it, he asks for the password again, even though I just opened it

You are not opening the item when you click on it. You are requesting bitwarden to automatically fill the password on a website.
To view the item, you will need to press the view button.
image of view button

so I need it to automatically fill in the fields on sites where the repeated password request is enabled immediately after logging into bitwarden. If he recorded that it was me who opened it, why does he ask for a second password.