Remove "Send" from UI

I realize how the SEND feature is helpful and relevant to some users, but to those of us who use Bitwarden as only a password manager, having “Send” take up 25% of the lower bar in the UI is annoying. Perhaps a simple toggle on/off for the SEND feature in settings would remove it for those who don’t use it and don’t want to see it.

I know this is a feature request and not User help, but I’m curious, I don’t have SEND for my Firefox addon BW drop-down. At the bottom I have only: Tabs / My Vault / Generator / Settings

What browser are you using?

What is listed at the bottom of yours?

Also, if you log into your Web Vault page, at the top there is a SEND tab, if you click on that, do you have any Send items created? It didn’t matter for me, if I create a Send item I still have no Send on dropdown, but maybe its a specific browser addon ‘feature’.

It sounds like you might not be on the latest version of the browser extension.
I have “Send” option on both Firefox and Brave(Chromium) running Bitwarden 1.49.1.
I have never used the feature before.

Firefox Extension bottom UI:

Web Vault Send Tab:

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You are correct, I updated and I have SEND on both FF an Chrome. I can’t imagine using this for a personal account. Seems like sending something at least theoretically defeats the purpose of security.

+1 to make SEND an optional tab on the dropdown.


Thanks for the feedback! As we expand features I’m sure we’ll tweak UI as needed :slight_smile:

@Toons here’s some info and use-cases for Send that may be helpful.

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I used it just the other day and think it’s great!


I’m looking for an opportunity to use it as it would be great in some circumstances. Unfortunately, until it is possible to do something with the email address the opportunity may not arise.

Hidden email coming soon :male_detective:


2 cents.

Will you be adding the kitchen sink soon too? At least start with the option to turn new features off. In my experience, a subset of people hate their interfaces changing all the time without their consent.


The “hidden email” comment relates to a tweak to how Send works that a number of people have requested. It isn’t another new feature, just for clarification.

For, further clarification, Send currently sends the email address associated with Bitwarden. Some use an email address which is not in wide circulation for Bitwarden and are not keen on it being revealed to everyone receiving a Send. The requested modification is to avoid this email being revealed if someoe would rather that it was not revealed.

Successfully downgraded to VERSION 2.8.0 (2021.03.12) from apkpure (.com) website and no more Send button. :heart_eyes:
Thank you.

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There’s information on the website:

And the help pages:

And there was a very good blog post introducing the feature:

There were multiple tweets about it before, at and after launch. I even attended a live online webinar with the devs where it was discussed in great detail. If you’re not interested in Send then by all means, don’t use it. It seems a bit over the top, though, to suggest Bitwarden have “destroyed the app” by introducing the feature! :exploding_head:


This is good news
Not all users welcome the unwelcome changes
Android market updates must be updated to the "manual’ setting.

Hello community :wave: This is important topic,
Yes this is a very strange things to do. Why not have new app or plugin download?
When the user shares it prompts what they selecte share - then at top is pinned enabled plugins plus builtin internal plugins,. User can turn off plugins (eG sync plugin is optional in bitwarden and not essential to use app),
@danmullen Great you have lots of documents in the Web. Everyone very impressed with your special skills. but why did bitwarden Developers make a decision for not to display the >>WELCOME UPDATE GUIDE?<<
I don’t like developers changing things with out welcome guide or popup with arrows where elements moved to or from.
Please read the feedback from other user, it is hidden now? The upper case is very clear. How to quote another message ?
How does it make clear sense when changes made for important app but have no links to docs,
No docs in app. No docs in update. No dogs in Google market. No docs on launch.
Docs = dogs or links.
I think the regular member forget and not realise the “normal community”. do not visit blogs and forums and guthub even google market has automatic update!
I find it very confusing with English 2nd language
Please consider logical decisions when developers make large changes that effect or affect non English speakers
Thank you and please display repeating popups for all the new changes

Is it true v.2.8.0? The change log is confusing
They say only added and new in v.2.9.0 but this is incorrect
I wish the members have thick skin and not take offence everything said. This is life? People communicate in different way
Sore fingers are now crossed

I do have some impressive skills… for instance, I can solve the 5x5x5 Rubik’s Professor’s Cube in around 10 minutes :sunglasses:


What about 2x2x2? You can’t use 3x3x3 method.

Anyway, if you think the send feature is practical, then why not jam other features in that only 1% of users will take advantage of?

Yes, I can do the 2x2x2 too, which uses the same principles as the 3x3x3, but I didn’t think it was worth mentioning.

Back on topic, all I’m saying is that I personally find the feature useful. I agree that there shouldn’t be too many non-core features, but end-to-end encrypted sharing of data is a good feature to have in a trusted product like Bitwarden.

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Thank you for supporting my request to have the Send menu at the bottom window for mobile devices optional and can be changed to a more useful feature… :smiley: :+1:

Hidden email / anonymous or discarded email would be much more useful!!! (coming soon! :timer_clock:)
:unamused: I hope they make it work on its own without the Send GUI! :crossed_fingers:

@Toons I agree!

Yes please make it optional