Remove login button during account creation

The create account process is jank. I have spent countless times creating an account then logging in to find my log in does not work.
The problem comes from the two buttons: “Create account” and “Log in”
When Creating an account I go through the process. Fill in the required details. Do the human verification (which itself could do with clarification). Then hooray I’m done it gives me the tick mark so I must be done. I click log in to log in then discover my login does not work. ???
Why oh why Does this login button persist for so long when I’m clearly wanting to create an account? Even when I’m at the stage I can expect it to d=be done and that it is time for logging in?
If you want the option to go back call the button back but don’t call it something that’s semantically overlapping.
Oh and when I do finally figure it out I find out that my IP has been locked out due to suspicious activity and I can’t get in anyway.
Incidentally this isn’t really a feature request. Bad UX that interrupts functionality is a bug pure and simple.

Hi Paul, for voting and discussion, can you title your post to your specific feature request?