Remove Identities from post-login screen?

Hello, is there an option to remove the list of IDENTITIES from the initial screen that displays after logging in via the desktop app? I don’t find listing IDENTITIES to be helpful. Thank you.

No, there is no option to show all item types except Identities. You can click on Login under TYPES (in the left-hand navigation menu) to show only Login items, but this will exclude also Card items and Secure Notes.

Two possible workarounds:

  • If you don’t otherwise use the “Favorite” designation, you can mark every item in your vault — except the Identity items — as a “Favorite”, in which case clicking on “Favorites” in the navigation menu will show all items except the Identities.

  • If you don’t otherwise use folders (at least not for non-Identity items), then you can move all of your non-Identity items into a folder (e.g., “Main”), and then view all those items by clicking on the corresponding folder name (“Main”) in the navigation menu.