Remove credit card informations


i’m a new user of bitwarden. i just paid for extra features, and i realize that credit card information are stored and that it’s not possible to remove them. I’m a little bit confused that theses informations are stored without the possibility to remove them. Could be great to add this feature.



I haven’t entered any real data in the Card folder, but I did enter a simple one with “Test” in the name and saved it in the Firefox browser extension.

It appears to me you can delete the information. Go to “My Vault,” and select the card. Then select the card to view item, then select Edit. Next, scroll all the way to the bottom of that screen and find “Delete Item” and select it. The card will be gone.

I think they are referring to purchasing Premium Families/Business features. Your credit card information is stored with your account and can’t be removed.

Okay, thanks, and a few more digits to make it past 15.