Reinstalling BitWarden

I reconfigured my iMac using an external SSD as my boot drive. I used time machine to reinstall all apps and files. Since then I cannot get Bitwarden to show in extensions. My iPad which has Bitwarden installed works fine. What steps should I do to reinstall BitWarden so I can access the web vault

Hi @Genys,

If you are using the Bitwarden extension in Safari, you will have to uninstall the Bitwarden desktop app from the Launchpad app or just open your Applications folder and drag Bitwarden to the Trash. Then you can install it again from the App Store.

If you are using another browser, you will have to go into that browser’s extension settings and remove the Bitwarden extension, exit the browser and restart it, then install the extension again from the browser’s web store. Hope that helps!

Thank you for the advice. I did as suggested but it still did not show the Bitwarden extension. I read that installing Safari Technology Preview worked for someone and I tried that to no avail. I then deauthorised my computer from Bitwarden and reinstalled it again. I also restarted my iMac each time. After all this I noticed the extension was listed and I ticked the box for it. It now works as I had previously but I have no idea which of the steps was the critical one.

I’ve followed what you suggested in the reply, but still It isn’t working on my end.

More details would be helpful.

Can you further explain this topic.

I have found rebuilding the launch service database shows the extension again, i use Onyx to do this.

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My bitwarden is not working on Safari, can anyone help?

Hey there, can you provide more detail? Is the extension not responding, is the extension missing etc?.

Hey, I’m facing the same issue, and yes, my extension is not responding.

Can you further share the details, as it is also not working for me, and not showing the extension.

Let me know if it worked for you or not, as I can also help you with this.

I’m encountering a similar problem where my extension is unresponsive.

@Mark_Wood Welcome to the forum!

What happens when you follow the instructions provided in the original response?