Regression in 2024.6.2 with unlocking vault


In this github issue I’ve described a problem that appeared with 2024.6.2 release for me. TL;DR vault unlocking become quite a long process. Empty vault with 8 chars password unlocks up to 10 seconds. My main vault with about 100 logins sometimes unlocks up to 2 minutes. For some reason daniellbw don’t think it’s a problem.

I’d like community to help me with the problem to clarify if it’s on my side or not.

Did you change the KDF? - Please read this recent thread, though it’s “mobile” related, the issue may be KDF, too…

Then in GitHub, I saw your Firefox version was not up-to-date?

And BTW, 8 chars master password is highly insecure (and the length of the master password shouldn’t be a deciding factor for unlocking / login time!). An at least 4-word-passphrase would be significantly more secure.

Hello, Nail!

I’m completely agree with what you said about password length. I didn’t know it doesn’t impact on bitwarden’s speed of decryption like in case with ssh or gpg keys with their different length in algorithm. My main vault is protected with 32 chars password.

As for KDF just like you answered in the topic you referred I’ve 600 000 units set up. I didn’t change it since 2023 when I first saw notification about increasing number of units to 600 000 for security reasons.

Firefox is not up-to-date because it’s Debian version from repository. Later I added info about Ubuntu and Firefox from snap that looks like the most recent version with exactly the same problem.