Regex for bank account fields

Since BW lacks built-in support for bank/checking accounts, I’d like to add some custom fields, using regex, for the following:

  • bank name
  • transit/routing number (RTN, ABA)
  • checking account number
  • verify checking account number

I want to add these custom fields (and others) to a login or card so it is not site specific.

Presumably, in order for this to work, BW has to look for field ID’s with varying names.

My regex skills are horrible!

Please share specific regex examples that you are currently using for bank accounts.

This really depends on the sites your trying to use the login with as the field names will probably vary wildly.

Your bank name example isn’t too hard but there is no guarantee that all the services you want to use will use anything even close to “bank name” as a field name.


The above might work as a field name assuming my attempt is correct.

Playing with regexr ( to get this right is probably your best bet. And a good way to learn to use regex to boot!

Thanks for the response. I too can come up with some basic regex but not anything that would be so complex as to work on many different sites. I know each form can have different field names which would make the regex very complicated. The sole reason I created this thread was to request users share specific examples that they are using, that will work for most forms :wink:

Does anyone know how to specify lower or upper case ONLY matches that work in BW custom fields? Is this even possible?

Example: regex=^(rout).*$

The regex above matches:

  • routingnumber
  • Routing-Number
  • ROUT

I’m guessing the /i flag is hard-coded?

What if I want to match RoutingNumber but not match routingnumber?