Refresh the current detail view when a sync occurs

Auto update of detail view when sync occurs

If you’re currently viewing the details of an item when a sync occurs (manual or automatic) the contents of what you’re viewing do not change even if the contents were changed by something else (browser extension, etc). This caused me a lot of confusion when I was initially importing (and cleaning up) my data as a new Bitwarden user.

Steps to recreate: Using the Mac client click on an item to view the full details. Now update the username for that entry using the browser extension. The auto sync updates the vault in the Mac client BUT with one exception. In the list of vault items on the left I see the updated username for the entry I changed BUT in the details view on the right it still shows the old username. I have to click on another vault item in the Mac client and then go back to the one I updated to see the updated username in the detail view.

Feature function

This change will ensure that the user is always using the latest version of their data. As it is now they could be copying/pasting old data.