Recently Used Devices in my Account

Maybe a trivial question but I notice that “Recently Used Devices” in my Account show them as being in the USA (Newark for Firefox and Atlanta for Waterfox browsers). I am in the UK.

Oops both Devices now show as being in Newark :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can nobody explain this to me? The locations vary but they are all in the USA.

Change your master password and see if that fixes it. Pick 4 random words and use those, don’t use something you ever used before.

Same here. I am in France, using a VPN connected to a server in Switzerland. Location as provided by Bitwarden is Newark US. Weird…

Thanks dango I’ll try that.

Glad I’m not he only one Madman. What web browsers do you use?

I am using Chrome. Resetting the main password is not an option and I am convinced it will not change anything. Could Newark be Bitwarden’s location?

Bitwarden is using Cloudflare so it’s all over the world.

I’m having a hard time finding “Recently Used Devices” in Bitwarden. Are you sure you’re not looking at your Google Account?

Bitwarden belongs to 8Bit Solutions LLC, registered in Jacksonville, FL

Yes, but the website you interface with is using Cloudflare which helps with speed and stopping DDOS attacks.

Sorry perhaps I am getting confused here it’s under Preferences for Bitwarden Community Forums so maybe it has nothing to do with Bitwarden itself. Being new to this I’m finding the navigation a little awkward.

Ok, I see where you’re coming from. The forum logins have nothing to do with the Bitwarden vault.

I also have Newark so it must be a bug with the forum software. Everything should be fine, I would not worry about it.

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