Recent problem in Waterfox

Hi, I’ve used the Bitwarden add-on with Waterfox for the last month without any problems, however one or two days ago, the Bitwarden icon in the toolbar doesn’t display anything when clicked – only the default browser “standby” animation. Same with the sidebar (Alt+Shift+Y).

Does anyone else have the same problem, or have any idea what’s wrong? I’ve tried reinstalling the add-on, refreshed the Waterfox install itself, and have also disabled all other Add-ons to no avail. It still works fine in Chrome.

My Waterfox version is 2021.02, and the Bitwarden version is 1.49.0.

Thank you!

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Replying to my own ticket.

A workaround was found in the ticket Firefox just buffering, i.e. to revert to an older add-on version. The earlier version 1.48.1 works, and can be found on

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