Randomly logged out all instances

So this morning this happened:

  • I was editing an entry on the Mac desktop app
  • the edits wouldn’t save. I cancelled and tried again
  • I was then logged out of the desktop app
  • checked my phone and was logged out there too
  • logged into web vault. Was able to login and 2fa webauth was working. No vault items showed and after a few seconds I was automatically logged out of the web vault as well.

After changing all my most sensitive passwords (had a backup) I tried logging into web vault again. I was able to login and vault items showed again. I immediately change my master password and deactivated all sessions manually.

I haven’t changed any settings or logged into the web vault in the last 24 hours.

What could have cause this to happen? Has anyone else had this happen in the last 24 hours?

It seems dodgy and If it’s a server or random stability issue I’ll be reconsidering using Bitwarden in future.

I will log the issue with support after work.