Radio choice password/passphrase

Feature name:

  • Replace the drop down for password/passphrase option with a radio button choice

Feature Description

There are only two options in the drop down, would it be better to replace it with a radio button for choice?

  • Aids in discoverability: I completely missed the option for a whole year before I thought to click on the option and see what it contains.
  • Less number of interactions: It would take 1 less click to get the same result

I want to start with the browser extension first, then work on the mobile and desktop clients.

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Timeline to completion (estimate):

ETA: Q2/2021


@tgreer , @kspearrin

Thanks, @knhash! Sounds fair enough to me, but @kspearrin / @cscharf would be the final decision-maker. Could you toss up a quick screenshot of how this would look?

I think this could improve the UX, yes, we have an established pattern for this when creating a Send when you select the Send Type (Text | File). I don’t believe we have this pattern established anywhere else at the moment (although I honestly didn’t look that hard).

Ah yes. I was thinking of mocking it up horizontally but if it is already a pattern, can use the same here. Although, seeing as the space will more or less always be there, can we do align it horizontally, here as well as in Send Type?

I would think not, unfortunately in some clients (like browser + mobile) we have limited horizontal space and when some languages, notoriously Germanic and Slavic languages, have longer labels in order to have the options make sense to the native speaker, it can make those labels overflow.

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Ah yes. Makes sense.

Screenshots of the web extension:

Also, amending the timeline. It should be possible to complete it within Q2/2021 :slight_smile:

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May I go ahead and raise a PR for this?

Yes, thank you!

We are prepping for a release in a couple of weeks though, so the PR will likely be reviewed/tested/merged after that.


I have raised the Pull Request

Will bump this thread in a couple weeks.


Thanks, @knhash!

Will you be submitting PRs for Mobile and Desktop as well?

I will raise a PR for desktop by this weekend.

Mobile will be trickier. Someone more capable than I should be able to get it out much faster (please do!) , else I will look around the code base over the weekend and figure it out.

I have raised the Pull Request for Desktop.

The Pull Request for Web. It already has the radio pattern, this is simply a refactor to get them in a common way.