Quick-Unlock + Fill

Feature name

  • Add a Quick-Unlock and Fill Password option to improve the workflow of unlock/fill password

Feature function


  • When I press ctrl+shift+L, I want the locked popup to open automatically if my vault is locked.
  • So then I can quickly type my pin, press enter, and my password is filled.

Annoying scenario 1:

  1. ctrl+shift+L to autofill
  2. Nothing happens
  3. Realizes that vault is locked
  4. Fumbles around with mouse (clicking on bitwarden button, enter pin, filling password)

Annoying scenario 2:

  1. ctrl+shift+Y to unlock
  2. Enter pin
  3. Needs to grab the mouse to click away to close the popup (or press escape key)
  4. ctrl+shift+L

Proposal scenario:

  1. ctrl+shift+L
  2. Vault is locked, so it pops-up asking for pin
  3. Enter pin, then the popup closes
  4. Password filled (or use ctrl+shift+L to fill password)

(Never needing to touch the mouse)


  • More ergonomic/convenient
  • Good for people who like to have their Vault Timeout set to ‘Immediate’ - fewer steps to take before lock and less anxiety

This has already been requested:

and probably a few times more.

Closing so votes will go to the appropriate threads. I’ll work on merging them soon.