Quick Access iOS iPhone Widget (Like Authy)

Feature name

  • Quick Access iOS iPhone Widget, (Like Authy)

Feature function

  • With the recent addition of widgets to the iOS set of features, I was wondering if Bitwarden could also have its own quick access widget like Authy’s where it hosts and shows you a selected handful of six 2FA codes in the iOS widget window.
    • I had considered the extra layer of security lost by having those codes readily accessible as the Authy widget does show 2FA codes in your iOS widget tray even when the phone is locked, but figured a phone is something on your person almost always and would be worth the convenience.
  • Even if users find that is also too risky for them, simply having a quick access widget in the iOS tray that will quickly take them to the Bitwarden app and specifically open a list of 2FA/TOTP just like Authy’s app for convenient code access would be stellar.

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