Questions from a new Bitwarden user

I’m new coming from Enpass and move only because the user UI in web browser is so bad. They have no function for yubikeys.
But it’s so boring that I can not remove multiple empty folders, or select folders that I want to delete pretty annoying. And as someone mentioned for what is Send ? It’s so crazy useless.

@goldjunge91, welcome to the Forum!

The above comments are not really pertinent to the current topic — feel free to start your own thread if you would like to discuss these things. This topic is about de-duplication of identical vault items. [Edit: Your post has been moved to its own topic by the forum moderators.]

FYI, you can read about the Send feature here, here, and here.

Send is an awesome feature that used for sharing passwords or notes or files securely. you can read about it here:

and just delete your folders one by one. it would probably took less time than posting about it here.