[QUESTION] Do you publish beta versions on GitHub too?

I was browsing the GitHub repos, but then I was looking for beta releases. And then I noticed there were no compiled beta releases available for download publicly.

I’m currently interested in mobile beta versions, but that also means for all other platforms, if possible.

I know that I can opt-in for the beta program via Google Play Store, but I just wanted to test it manually instead.

The question is: do you push beta versions to GitHub repos publicly or only via private channels?

I’m interested in checking and probably joining the beta programs for platforms, if possible. But for that I’d need somewhere I could download the compiled versions via an intuitive repo, such as on GitHub itself.

If that’s not currently possible, what do you say about pushing and publishing beta compilations directly to GitHub repos open for the public? Too much work to keep it updated often or it’s still possible?


I’d like this as well, mainly because I could then actually see changelogs for new beta versions.