Question about Nested Folders

Today I received an update for the Bitwarden Android App.
In the change log I see the following line:

  • Support for nested folders/collections

So can I create a tree structure in my folders (solders and subfolders) now?
If yes: how do I do this?
In the Web Vault Version 2.7.1 I did not find a way to do this…

This is embarrassing for me, it was in Bitwarden all the time and I never found it.
For how long is this working?

I created in the Web Vault Version 2.7.1 a new folder called Personal/Email (taken from the help article) but this is shown as Personal/Email and not as nested folders.
What am I doing wrong?

Create a folder called “Personal” for it to nest underneath.

This is what I did which is according to the documentation here on this site… Not working…

Got it figured out. Thanks!