Queries from a brand new bitwarden user

I am a new bitwarden user since yesterday…Like it so far :slight_smile: and hope I could get some clarification regarding below:

  1. When I login from browser extension (firefox, edge chromium and safari), there is the “Remember me” checkbox (screenshot below). Wonder what does it do? I tried to login with and without checking it. I do not see any difference regarding using the bitwarden.
  2. Would I have to set the Lock option to Never in order to have the vault unlocked when openning browser automatically? I did set it to browser restart currently and I have to enter password to have it unlocked.
  3. Does bitwarden browser extension sync the options, such as theme, auto-fill-in, change password prompts etc.?
  4. I assume bitwarden extension doesnot prompt to save login for anything on bitwarden.com? such as the community site.


Hello and welcome!

  1. “Remember me” should not prompt you for 2FA authentication in the future for that particular browser.
  2. Yes, you would need to set it to “Never”. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for security reasons. Anyone accessing your computer would have immediate access to all your passwords.
  3. Options are not synced and must be set for each installation of the app, extension, etc.
  4. The bitwarden.com domain should work the same as any other domain, i.e. you should be able to save your community login credentials.


Thanks, regarding #3, is there any plan to add the option sync function? Is it a potential storage concern?

I don’t think it’s being worked on but I’m sure I’ve seen other people requesting this.

Will be good to have the option sync function. :slight_smile:

Another curiosity, will there be an bitwarden desktop offline app OR dedicated offline mode? Like a more traditional desktop app.

I suppose you could install the desktop app and set it not to sync.

Thanks, I did install the desktop app which makes me asking this question as I didn’t not really see an option to disable sync…I had to login to the APP to even start using the APP:)

Regarding the desktop app, I think the whole architecture of BW is built around the concept of the web vault being the one and only source of truth.

Regarding point 4 of your original post, it’s worth noting that the extension has to be unlocked for it to prompt saving password. I find this a bit annoying but I suspect it might be designed that way for privacy reasons.