QNAP and Android App

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Hi i just download the bitwarden qpkg from my qnap and i installed it. I installed also the android app. Please i need help how to configure both of them to save my password only on my qnap. Thank you.

Bitwarden does not provide a release for QNAP appliances, so you have downloaded something else.

Personally, I would never use password manager software that is not an official release - you cannot know what has changed in the codebase or whether your data are safe.

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Hi and thanks for your reply…i download this one…

Please i need help with the cofiguration…

As I said, Bitwarden did not release that software. It is something else. I would be wary.

Ok i understand, but can you help me to cofirure it?

I m trying to self host a password manager. Any suggestion?

For QNAP - no idea. But Bitwarden does have self host software that runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.