Put the prompts into comments on this Feature Request form

I have an idea for this Feature Request form.

Many of the parts of the form should be in <!-- comments -->
That way they don’t end up in the final post!

<!-- Enter the name/concept of the feature being requested-->
instead of
Enter the name/concept of the feature being requested

That way the final result doesn’t look unprofessional, nor does the user have to clean off the instructions and then not be able to see them during editing if he needs to look back a few lines and change something.

It’s just like when the photographer holds up a sign “stand here”, we don’t want that in the final picture!

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Interestingly enough the Ask the Community section already has something similar in the first paragraph.

<!-- IMPORTANT: Please read the information shown in the post preview on the right, then delete all text below this sentence before typing your question. -->

We’ll try to get some visibility on this and see what the thoughts are, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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See also Topic templates for categories and other alternatives - admins - Discourse Meta .

Thanks all, I’ll look into this one :+1:

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