Push message to app to approve new Bitwarden browser/terminal login

The current process to link a BW browser extension for an account with TOTP switched on:

  • Get phone and open BW app and login
  • In the search bar type bitwarden and open record
  • View and remember the OTP code and type it over into the new browser

This flow can be improved by:

  • BW sends push message to app
  • Get phone and open push message and log in
  • Choose approve/decline
  • The website/extension the completes the login flow with no additional interaction from the user.

This feature might have to be limited to people who do not make use of the self-host option.

The push message infrastructure could then perhaps also open a few additional doors to different types of user flows that might be more efficient.

Feature idea copied form LastPass.

This feature (kinda) already exists:
Get Bitwarden Premium, start using DUO Free for 2FA (incl. logging into Bitwarden itself). I have been using it since March 31st, 2019. It is reliable and works great.