Pull request feedback for adding cloudflare email as a forward email alias service

Hi, before writing any code I wanted to ask about the feasibility of a pull request being accepted and any feedback on this feature.

I want to add the Email Routing | Easily create addresses and route emails service offered by Cloudflare to the list of services in Forwarded email alias services.

This is useful for people who own their own domain. You can then create a unique email address on this domain name by using the (currently free) email address routing service of Cloudflare.

I am willing to make a PR to add the code for this, but the documentation has to be updated by bitwarden.

I wanted to add links to more documentation and the API token creation page, but I can only add two links as this is a new account.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. Bitwarden already has a few alias services so adding another I think would only add to the feature set. I didn’t know CloudFlare had an email aliasing service. I personally use simplelogin.

Any chance we can make this happen? I would love to see this feature and do my best to contribute.