Provide an alternative Core that's much smaller and runs on a Raspberry Pi (like bitwarden-ruby)

A guy named Joshua Stein wrote a bitwarden database server in Ruby + SQLite. This one is perfect for small/personal installations as it runs in a 50MB Docker container and can be setup in a few minutes and even runs on a Raspberry Pi (compared to the official Docker zoo optimised for the Microsoft Azure cloud).

I know you already support him in a way that you report upcoming changes to the API, etc. - which is awesome already. But I’d sleep better if you could make bitwarden-ruby an official and supported part of Bitwarden.

However, a small alternative Core as an official and supported part of Bitwarden would be much preferred.

I think the real request here is to have a smaller version of core. I don’t think you want me writing ruby code.


You’re right. I edited the request.

Please keep in mind that the bitwarden container doesn’t work at all on raspberry pi when it’s not compiled for this platfrom (which it probably is not).

So without building it with cross platform support for arm, you probably run into way other problems.

Docker isn’t a VM.

Sure, but in the case of e.g. Ruby, you just have to switch out the base image in the Dockerfile and you’ll get a container running on ARM instead of amd64.

Btw is Docker really needed ?

Of course, not.

If you even need a database (what is it used for?), would you consider switching to something like RavenDB? Mssql is basically a dealbreaker as it requires 2GB of RAM and my VPS has 1.

+1 for me here as I am using the rust implementation of core which seems to be more actively worked on than the ruby and go versions of core.

Don’t need it to run on a Pi, but running on a 50mb docker is ideal.

Thanks as well for the support of these alternative cores, but I certainly would prefer an official lite core to be available to self host.