Prompt to unlock

The one thing that’s driving me a little crazy about Bitwarden is that when the browser extension is locked hitting the shortcut to fill a form just doesn’t do anything. This leads me to hitting the shortcut a couple of times and wondering what’s going on, then finally looking at the toolbar icon and noticing the tiny red dot.

A prompt to unlock when trying to activate the extension would be great.

Yes please. As a big advocate for keyboard shortcuts, this is extremely annoying to have to take my hands off of my keyboard and click an icon, and then click the stored login to fill it on the webpage.

And to edit my comment, there is an existing feature request for this behavior here: Autofill shortcut should open login window when vault is locked


I’m out of votes, but I’d love this feature if it came to Bitwarden.


As @justn mentioned there is another feature request for the same thing. I’m happy to anncounce that it is included in the latest release.