Prompt to Login on Browser Extension

On my configuration for my browser extension in Brave, I have bitwarden timeout during browser restart. This isn’t a problem, but as a new user, I decided to add new accounts one by one into my vault to keep the clutter down and have been removing them as I go along in Brave.

With this being said, when I get to a site that needs either a new sign up or may have not been saved in Brave, when I get to the confirm page I hit submit and look up and realize I am not signed into bitwarden.

My question is this, upon browser load, could we have an option to turn on a prompt or popup reminding us to login?


I remember this feature in LastPass when using it some month / years ago. There was an option to enable such a login screen when opening the browser. This could be a great feature for Bitwarden! :slight_smile:

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Yep - This would be a superb feature :slight_smile: