Problems with URIs/default logins

I have been having problems with certain logins on my own websites which defy logic and are driving me insane. One in particular is my webmail. I am generally using Brave (a Chrome based browser on a 12" iPad Pro 2nd Generation. All software is up to date.

When I go to my personal webmail URL, say: webmail . domain . com, the suggested login says:

for domain . com - Bitwarden admin (i.e. no subdomain)

There are no further details but having gone through all my saved passwords, this appears to be for a subdomain: news . domain . com

When I click the key icon, I still don’t get the webmail . domain . com password in the list of suggestions, I get:

for domain . com

account 01
for news . domain . com

account 02
for sub . domain . com

account 03
for sub . domain

None of which are for the actual subdomain that I am trying to log into: webmail . domain . com

However, when I click on Bitwarden… at the bottom, after providing my fingerprint, the only listed login is webmail . domain . com.

Why does it take about four clicks (plus fingerprint) to get to the real password when the wrong passwords are suggested at two earlier stages?

I have tried all the likely seeming permutations of URI (Default, Host, Exact) for each log in including adding additional ‘Never’ URIs to the errant suggestions for webmail . domain . com but nothing made any difference. Currently, all the log ins involved in this problem are set to ‘Host’ as is the default in Settings.

It is almost as if these settings are not making any difference. It is very frustrating - can anybody help, please?

N.B. All the added spaces around the ‘dots’ were added because I got a warning that I could only include two links in the post - though they were non-existent examples.

@flamesong Welcome to the forum!

Are you using a Bitwarden browser extension in the Chrome browser? I can probably help you get this working using the browser extension, but it seems that you are also trying to use the iOS autofill functions on the iPad, which is something I don’t have any expertise in (perhaps someone else can assist with that).

Thank you.

No, I’m not using the extension as there is another way of implementing auto-fill using a browser on an iPad - perhaps I should say a non-Safari browser as I think that Safari is allowed to use extensions.

I’m not sure if this is a problem with the implementation or the URI recognition.