Problems updating self-hosted docker installation


I’ll try and keep this as short as possible, so someone might be bothered to read :wink:

I’m running a FreeNAS machine with a ubuntu 18.04 VM running Docker 19.03. I managed to install Bitwarden without too many issues using these instructions >

After getting things up and running, I’m now accessing behind a NGINX reverse-proxy which has been working perfectly for the last few months, so much so that I’ve pretty much migrated from using 1Password to Bitwarden, and have been really happy with things.

I’ve just spent the last few hours trying to update using these instructions > - but after trying various different things I just can’t get it to work anymore.

I’ve rolled everything back so have the old version working, but the update seemed to make changes to the files in the bwdata folder which to my thinking would break things, like deleting the certificates from the ./bwdata/ssl folder and loosing the paths from the ./bwdata/config.yml file.

Is there something I’m missing with the update routine where I need to backup/restore some of the config first?

Thanks in advance

After a few months of investigating this and a few more failed attempts, I thought I’d post an update of how I fixed this.

Turns out it was relatively simple fix, although it took a complete reinstallation in a different VM to realise what the problem was.

For whatever reason, when I’d originally installed bitwarden it has created the and bwdata folders in the / directory. I’d made all the configuration changes here, but when you run ./ -updateself and then ./ -update it appears to try and update the /root folder? As there is nothing there, it re-creates everything but without any of the config it then fails to update.

Copying the and bwdata folder from the / path to /root and running the update worked perfectly, and after a small panic while the database was repaired I’ve now upgraded from 1.32 to 1.34 and 2.12 to 2.14.

I just though I’d update this is case anyone came across this from a Google search with a similar issue.

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