Problems switching to Family Account

I have an active Premium Account (for 10,00$ per year).
Now I want to switch to a Family account but I have no idea where to switch.
Where can I do this?

Not 100% sure (especially when already coming from a premium account), but you may check in the web interface:
Settings -> Organisations -> New organisation

Then I think you can select familiy account.

Update: When it’s a bit complicated concerning the available plan / new plan it may be best to align with the support.

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I managed it, but the usability is totally awful!

I had to go to my vault and click on the existing organization.
There I had to go to the settings and there on “Abo” (I have the German UI).
Here I was not able to create an Abo because there is no payment stored.
So I had to go to “Rechnung” (should be “Billing”) and add an account there.
Then I had to go back to “Abo” and subscribe.
And then I had to go to my account and cancel the old subscription.

This process must be easier!
@tgreer Please set this on your To Do List.

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@OLLI_S thanks for the feedback on this. We’re definitely investing time into improving the ‘self-serve’ options!

In my account settings --> Premium Membership you should add a button “Switch Premium Membership” and here I can select the Family plan.
This forwards me to the correct site.
But here setting up a payment should be integrated, so when I selected a “Family” account the next step should be to set up the payment (and not forcing me to switch the page manually).