Problems logging in using a Device to authenticate (android)

I get the Authorisation request on my mobile and click to allow

BUT nothing happens on the PC and eventually, it times out

Exactly the same trying to use Bitwarden browser extensions.

I can login fine (using 2FA) on the mobile

After further testing, I cannot log in to my vault on the web @ Bitwarden Web Vault

It accepts the email address and the master password then all I get is the “spinning” lcon thing until it just stops after a long time

any advice welcome
OK I SOLVED THE ISSUE, for now anyway

It suddenly occured to me that my mobile wasn’t using my VPN, so I turned off VPN on the other devices and eventually was able to login to my web vault.

This isn’t the ideal scenario for me so after experimenting I can use BW with almost all VPN servers I use but I kept turned off the option to automatically rotate my VPN IP for now.

Thanks for user:gmeersman, who pointed me towards the solution, without realising it :slight_smile:


Same here, think it’s an issue that’s currently under investigation, see