Problem with Autofill of username on some sites in latest version 2022.5.0?

In the last few days I’ve experienced a few URLs where BW is failing to autofill the username (not the password). I can provide an example site (don’t want to post it publicly).

In these cases, I do see the Badge icon indicating a matching site, but neither the hotkey nor clicking autofill from the extension menu works. This is one of those sites where you have to type in your username first, then click “Next” and then the password field becomes visible—not sure if that matters.

I have inspected the DOM elements and found they are standard… i.e. the field is called “username” and there is no JS etc that might interfere. And this definitely was working in previous versions; this is not a new site/app for me.

No errors in Chrome’s JS console either… anyone else seeing this?

Just following up here— I heard back from support and they helped me solve this. Turns out I needed to add a custom field for the username using the Linked Custom Fields method. All is working well now! :trophy:

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