Problem with an identifier

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You will most likely need to set up one or more custom fields, as explained here. I am able to auto-fill the Ediweb login form using the following custom field definitions:


The first field (named A2) is a linked custom field, linked to the Username value. The second field (named A3) is a text custom field, with the value set the ADMIN. The third field (named A4) is a Boolean custom field; creating this is optional — if present, it will toggle the state of the checkbox “Conserver ces informations sur mon poste”.

In the above, it is assumed that the Username field has been set to PHNOEL, and the Password field has been set to the account password (“mot de passe”).

If you prefer for the Username to be ADMIN, then you can name the linked custom field A3 (linking it to the Username); in this case, you would name the text custom field A2, and give it the value PHNOEL:


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