Problem on Safari 14 on MacOS Mojave

Hi; I have a problem on MacOS Mojave on safari Version14.1.2 (14611. (but also the previous one). When I click on the Bitwarden symbol Schermata 2021-08-14 alle 11.36.37 the Spinning pinwheel start spinning for a long long time…
the problem is that happen every time I click on a result into Bitwarden extension.
I tried to reinstall it with no success.

Someone can help on this?


For what it’s worth, I’m using that version of Safari on Mojave and haven’t seen that problem.

But if I did, rather than simply reinstalling the extension I’d probably try removing the app and the extension, and cleaning out all of the Bitwarden detritus from the Library folder. Then start again from scratch.

Feel free to wait and see whether anyone criticises my suggestion.

I already tried twice but same problem