Premium not showing

Hi, i paid for premium, and when i login to the web vault it says i have premium, but in the addon for firefox, it says i donthave it. I have clicked refresh membership button a couple of times, but premium status doesnt change.

Any ideas how to get the addon to acknowledge the premium?

FF: Latest available
Bitwaren addon: latest.

I have the same on Edge Chromium but after renew Premium its show me in the Browser Addon.

So it is resolved! Good for you. You can now click the solution checkbox below your own answer so we all can see that no further help is needed.

Just upgraded to Premium on my main phone, and that seems to be fine, but my premium account status isn’t showing up anywhere else. My laptop, my browser, my other phone, and my tablet all are still not upgraded… What did I do wrong?

Hi @greeneyedggirl - welcome to the community forums!

To enable your new subscription, you will have to manually logout of your account on each device and then login again. That should fix it.


Thank you so much David! That got it sorted right as rain! It did indeed fix it, and I appreciate your help very much, thank you!


It works. Thanks!

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