Premium Gift Codes

Background: Want to support Bitwarden more, but at the same time want to help friends (both online and off) and family get on and using Bitwarden.

Problem: Premium can only be bought by registering your credit card with a Bitwarden account.

Solution: On the billing info page for personal account, add one button and a list, “Buy Premium Code” and “Codes”

  • Buy Premium Code: Clicking the button will charge $10 (Also, add a dropdown to select 1-10 so I can buy 10 with one click and be charged $100) to the billing info on record and create a special link. This link will contain a code, and when the link is visited, the user will be asked to sign up or log in. If sign up, upon account creation, use the code to give the new user premium for a year… if log in, give the user premium for a year, if the user is already premium, add an extra year to their premium.

  • Codes: this lists all the codes you’ve bought, their links, and whether they have been redeemed yet… Also, maybe there should be a “reset code” button next to unredeemed codes that would nullify the previous code so it’s unusable and generate a new code in its place.

I would love to hand out premiums to friends who start using the free plan and like it. Or just give some premiums to online friends on message boards etc. (whom I would definitely not like to give my Credit card number)

Now that Bitcoin is accepted and the idea of an “Account Balance” has been implemented, it seems like the next step would be to allow me to enter the user’s email to whom you add the balance to.

A couple questions that might come up:

  1. Should the recipient have the ability to reject a gift? If they can reject and it is rejected, I think the balance should go to the payer.
  2. Perhaps we can just send the gift from our balance, that way I can just charge my balance with $100 or so, and give away $10 increments whenever I want instantly without having to hop through the payment process every time I want to give a gift.

etc. etc.

Very exciting. Awesome stuff.