Practical workflow for family use

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Has anyone found a workable way of using the shared plan for a family? I’ve just purchased the family plan, and after trying to organise creds for a few hours I can’t see any way of making it work. Maybe (hopefully!) I’m just approaching it from the wrong angle.

I imported my 300-ish entry keepass database successfully, and other than renaming some folders, I can see that working well enough. However I can’t see any way of sharing groups with with my partner and having her manage those and their own passwords (which I’ve yet to import from her (much smaller) database in a way that that will ensure everything stays shared, and is organized at all sensibly in the “Organisation” view for us both.

I’ve read a bunch of intro guides and watched a handful of videos on the web site, but I just can’t see how I could use the sharing features with a mix of technical and non-technical users.

Have you read through this section of the Documentation?

Organizations | Bitwarden Help & Support

I setup an Free organization for myself and my wife (as the members) without any real problems. I did have to read things carefully as it is not completely intuitive.

Once you setup the Organization, you will then add ‘Collections’ to which you will assign users who will have access to the logins that belong to that collection.


I have read that, and I find it’s fairly self-consistent from an organizational point of view. I use bitwarden at work, and with almost everything of significance in collections, it’s perfectly workable.

The disconnect is between personal groups, folders and sub folders and these collections. Once I’ve imported a bunch of records and added them to a collection, there’s no easy way to move/update reclassify them. The lack of clarity around what is in a personal vault vs a shared collection just isn’t there.

I may actually just end up setting my partner up with her own individual account, as the app and browser integration is useful in itself, and give her a copy of my master password in case I’m ever hit by a bus.

You might want to read this article:

and this one:

Both provide means for passing on access to your BW account.

EDIT: As an older person myself, I can tell you that having a written record of your Master Password is a very good idea. Getting hit by a bus is only one of many things that can cause one to have problems with loss of access to BW because of medical issues that impair one’s memory!