Possible matching Items on Android

Can something be implemented to disable the “Possible matching Items” from showing for apps that have a matching item? I do not need to see 100+ logins from other apps/sites on an app with an existing working login.

I’ll second this. I don’t mind the possible matches showing after selecting “Bitwarden My Vault”, but they’re not helpful int he suggestion bar when using inline fill on Android. For example (with the names changed to protect the innocent), on my system “fubar.com” gets “possible matches” for things like “longnamewithfubarinit.com”. Even worse, these are displayed even if there is an exact match available. This is not helpful!

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If you see a lot of possible logins that definitely do not match the site/app, take a look here to perhaps solve this issue: Today I learned.. Or: Why are there 9+ available items?

Not related. Got it.

Hi Peter, this post is completely unrelated. All of the matches I am seeing are all websites not other random things with http etc. All of the matches I am seeing only have one Uri and it is the correct one for the entry.

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I cannot believe this does not generate more complaints. I have an Android App with a URI beginning “ru.zdevs.zarchiver.pro”. The “ru” bit produces a match on things like “nationaltRUst.org” and the “pro” bit matches things like “PROtonvpn.com” which is complete nonsense when the match types are set to “base domain” as far as I understand the documentation, and produces LOTS of unrelated (and useless) “possible match” suggestions.

Possible matching items are fine in vault/app where there is plenty of space, but not in autofill overlay.

Suggested Solution: Add an extra Settings->Autofill option of “Show Possible Matching Items” with options of “Always” (works same as now), “When no Matching Items” (i.e. only when no real match) and “Never” (don’t display fuzzy matches at all in autofill overlay).

Kind regards, keep up the good work. :heart: