Popup on Edge Chromiium?

I switch from Roboform to Bitwarden and i miss a very nice feature from Roboform. Whene i go to a website i get on Roboform a popup for login, on Bitwarden i get no information. Only on the Bitwarden Icon i see a login. Have Bitwarden no popup support?

Hello @Schrotty,

in bitwarden you just use one of these:

  1. CRTL+SHIFT+L and it will auto-fill it for you.
  2. Right click and select “Bitwarden > auto-fill > …”
  3. Go to extension icon, click one of the desired logins and it will auto-fill.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Actually there is no popup function. But may be you could vote for this feature? :wink:

How can vote for this feature?

Just click “Vote” in the top of th feature request.


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Yes thanks, i have found it too.

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But you also have to click the vote-button. There are still 197 votes. :wink:

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