Popup for showing which Login credential was used

Feature name

  • Login name Popup

Feature function

  • This feature should show and a popup window when any credentials are filled through Bitwarden web, which will display the name of the credentials that were used. With this user can know which credentials is being used
  • When users have multiple logins for same website with multiple credentials, they can use this to verify which credentials were used.
    Ex: A user has multiple AWS accounts with same Username but with different Account ID, then while filling if the Popup shows up, they user doesn’t have to manually open Bitwarden web and select the desired credentials.

This is a duplicate of the existing Feature Request Show Name of login that was auto-filled with keyboard shortcut.

For this use case, it seems that you can create a dedicated login item for each Account ID, using a URI with the following form:


(where 111122223333 is the Account ID). Set the Match Detection to “Host”, then this login item will only be able to auto-fill for that specific account.