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Hi All
My first post, and I feel somewhat foolish for these questions.

My eyesight is reasonable but, I can’t find the Bw C. Forums Log out button.

Having set up a premium Bw account, I am in the process of building and filling created folders. I have had a Lastpass account for a number of years - so easy to use - but now, I am struggling with Bw e.g. I am unable to discover the way to move vault items into Favourites.

Any assistance, much appreciated.
All best wishes

Hi @Lojong7 - it isn’t your eyesight. Discourse Forums buries the Log Out action making it hard to find.

Try this: click on your profile icon in the top-right corner of the window → click on the little portrait icon at the top of the popup window → select Log Out.

Regarding favourites, you can add any item to your favourites list by opening the item in Edit mode and then checking the Favorite option near the bottom. This won’t change the folder it is stored in, but rather just add the favorite tag to the item so it shows up in your favourites list.


Hello David

Very many thanks for your ultra swift response. I am now able to fulfil both of those requirements. I guess the whole essence of page design comes down to simplicity, compactness and its intuitive layout.

Kind regards
Robert N

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